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Survivor Diaries

Ryan and Noah share their stories to show that online victimization can happen to boys too.


Stuff to Know

  • Rememberthat not everyone you meet online is trustworthy.

  • No one that you meet online should ask you to keep secrets from your trusted adults.
  • Ask a trusted adult before sharing personal information with an online friend.
  • Be suspiciousif an online “friend” tries to turn you against your friends and family.
  • Don’t accept giftsfrom people that you meet online.
  • A real friend, whether you’ve met them in real life or online, won’t pressure you into doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Reportanyone who sends you or asks you to send inappropriate messages and photos.
  • Be a good friend: talk to a trusted adult if someone you know is planning to meet offline.
  • If someone asks you to meet offline, tell a trusted adult immediately.
  • Don’t respondto people asking you for personal or inappropriate information.